UPVC Door Locks

UPVC door locks can wear over time and use. When this happens, Locksmith Hatfield is available to help.

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Many homes and commercial buildings have UPVC door locks. The modern devices are made to be quite strong and durable, but they can still get damaged and begin to malfunction over time, especially if they are used extensively or exposed to harsh environmental conditions. The important thing is for every issue to be resolved timely, so that your security is not compromised.

Lock Repairs

UPVC Door LocksWhen you can't insert the key into the cylinder or turn in either direction, the lockset needs to be fixed. The inspection will reveal the cause of the problem. Sometimes, the condition of the device can be restored simply with cleaning and lubrication. In other cases, the cylinder is replaced for the lock to work normally again. When the repair is made accurately and with care, you can expect lasting results.

Mechanisms and Replacement

In case, the latch cannot retract in and out to the strike receiver, this may indicate malfunctioning locking mechanism. If the inspection and testing reveal that the latch is jammed, it is released using a special technique. If the mechanism is broken, the lockset will be replaced. This is an opportunity to get a more advanced device which is resistant to snapping, drilling and picking. When it comes to lock change, a multipoint mechanism is always the best option. You can readily consider a set with a bolt and hook.

Broken UPVC door

Sometimes, the problem is with the door itself and notwith the lock. Broken panels and frames can be fixed or replaced depending on the level of damage. Similarly, when one or more hinges have snapped, new ones are set in their place and the door is aligned. If the damage is too great, the entire door is replaced. This is the more cost-efficient solution, especially in the long-term.

You can always count on our professionals at Locksmith Hatfield for the repair and replacement of all types of UPVC doors and locks.No matter what the problem is, we assure you it will be professionally handled by our team. Call us if you have any questions, and browse our website in order to learn more about our services.

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