The Master Key: How it Works

The Master Key: How it Works

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Owning an apartment complex or an entire building requiresthe application of premium quality locking mechanisms. Security must be without any loopholes that burglars, thefts, and intruders will have a way around. To help secure such properties, master key systems were created. How they will be of use to you? How do they work? Read on.The Master Key: How it Works

The Master Key

The master key, which opens some or all of the doors in a specific complex, is considered one of the more intricate lock designs mankind has ever known. It gives the bearer full access control, being able to open different locks with the use of a single, superior key.

At first sight, the master key does not look any different from all other keys. It looks just the same but functions differently. Its ability to open multiple locks presents practical means for building managers so they would not have to carry around a huge set. This is made possible not by the key itself but by the locks involved in the system.

Regular locks would only have a single mechanism, which opens with a particular, unique key. Locks that are involved in a master key system, on the other hand, have two different mechanisms. One is opened the regular way, with the use of a unique lock, and another is opened through the master key. That means, the landlord would have keys to an entire neighbourhood but not one from that neighbourhood could open each other’s doors.

Be Safe with a Master Key

Just like other locking mechanisms, you can be vulnerable even with a functional master key. That’s why you have to take extra security measures that will guarantee your safety and that of those who thrive in your premises. To be safe rather than be sorry, it is advisable that you install high-end security locks on the main entryways. You must also be wary of key handling which is often the root cause of lost or stolen keys.

Owning a master key is pretty useful, but only if you put it to good use. Use this option to prioritise access, to control who can come in and out of certain rooms, especially those that contain sensitive information.With the help of our skilled business locksmith, you can make this a valuable security investment that will give you the ability to enjoy full control of the building you own and manage.

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