My key broke off in my ignition, what can I do?

My key broke off in my ignition, what can I do?

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It seems your key hit a stress point

This can happen with wearing and rusting metal, and various debris causing binding and friction on the internal mechanisms. When you have a broken key in your ignition, it's a good sign that you should call a professional automobile locksmith anyway so the cause of the damages can be assessed, since keys don't break off without a reason. Paying for a replacement key only to have that break off as well can be very infuriating.My key broke off in my ignition, what can I do?My key broke off in my ignition, what can I do?

I am going to begin this by saying a major point that some will find ridiculous, but is needed because it is a strangely common suggestion when people ask this.  Never put something sticky in your locks in an attempt to pull out the broken key piece! This has proven disastrous for many people who wanted to do it themselves instead of calling for an emergency auto locksmith. Many people seem to go for it as the first option and their lock ends up even worse than before, and they're left explaining why they tried to put Sticky Tack in their locks. Or worse, you can permanently damage your lock when glue or other tacky substances slip into small lock parts and tumblers, making you need to pay for an entire new ignition cylinder rather than a simple extraction.

If you can spray in a very sparse amount of WD-40 and have slim, stiff wires around you may be able to attempt an extraction. Only if a piece of the key is slightly exposed should you try extraction by yourself as digging in will cause damage to your ignition.  Twisting the wires may grip the exposed key.  Weave very marginally up and down to encourage it free. Apply as little as possible, as WD-40 can actually cause excess build-up that makes for a jammed, mucky key slot. While graphite is a favourable spray for home door locks, it is not suggested for car locks.

In attempting key extraction alone, many people only suffer the frustration of further wedging the key into the vehicle ignition.  Even if it seems to let you use the ignition after this with a spare key, you should call a professional auto locksmith to prevent jam-ups and break-downs while you're away from home. We're available 24/7 for your questions, concerns, and emergency locksmith services.


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